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It is all about the journey and not about the destination!

You may have heard the above statement repeatedly in connection to India. The fact remains that it is true; when it comes to one of the world most sought after destinations in the world - India, it truly is all about the journey!

Our travel experts know India thoroughly but more importantly, they are proud to say that they know "that Indian journey" very well. They have a special eye for all things unique when it comes to the sub-continent. They know how to make one's experience quite unique and special. They have often guided the tour off the beaten path (be it to a remote weaving village or glimpse into a traditional North Indian wedding or a visit to a local school.....well, you get the picture). Anyway, most importantly, our travel experts are honest enough to say that not all about India is magical and spiritual and extra special. They believe that India is a wonderful bend of the magical and the not-so-magical and they strongly believe that travel to India should include both (otherwise, it wouldn't be an authentic experience).

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