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Visiting the Film City in Hyderabad was a highlight for me. And, getting all those shirts and suits tailor made was a lot of fun. I had so much fun! I still cannot believe there made all those things from me in just over 24 hours. These shirts look gorgeous!
JG, Washington, USA (October 2014)

Pushkar Camel festival was wonderful - a couple thousand camels staked out in the desert and so many vendors walking around selling stuff - what a sight! The town has a thousand temples and something going on there - even this old non-believer was moved! Though it was a mystery why you were pushing back the departure time from Pushkar, I did not question because I was sure you knew what needed to be done. You always did. On the way to Delhi, I understood why you had pushed back the departure time. Thank you for thinking of everything.
RK, Maine, USA (October 2014)

I am amazed at how much you know about so many things about India! Even the little things that I would have never noticed or found the answers for. It was such a gift to travel with you.
GM, Hawaii, USA (October 2014)

This experience has been beyond all of our expectations! Thank you again and again for all you did to make this a fantastic experience. We still laugh about our Bollywood experience AND performance and the expression on the guard's face at 2 a.m.!
JM, Hawaii, USA (October 2014)

I have learnt to appreciate the nuances of color, sound and taste like never before in my life. Experiencing India with you has been magical. I cannot wait to go back again with you.
NN, Cairo, Egypt (October 2014)

I knew I would have a fantastic time because you were hosting us in India but I didn’t realize that I would have experience India in such a profound way. You made me notice the little things!
SN, Cairo, Egypt (October 2014)

I had the best time ever. I loved ever bit of it. The Ayurvedic massages in Kerala, the lunch at the Falaknuma palace in Hyderabad, the wedding in Agra and tuk-tuk rides in Delhi. I will never forget. And, the food! You took us to absolutely the best places. Thanks for everything you did.
MS, Washington, USA (October 2014)

I want to go back again! And, for longer! Only with you!
VL, United States (February 2014)

Habibi, thank you so much for inviting me to join this amazing adventure to India! You have taught me a lot about the country I have wanted to visit all my life!
AN, Cairo, Egypt (February 2014)

It was wonderful to see you in this role. Though I have known you for many years, I learnt so much more about you traveling across India. You are such a wealth of knowledge.
JW, United States (February 2014)

Thank you for being so honest about your country! Your candidness about the “ugly” things and your pride about the “good” things made me appreciate India even more.
JC, England (October 2013)

We are going to tell everyone we know about your trips. Anyone who is planning a trip to India should go with you. I cannot imagine doing India any other way.
JC, United States (February 2013)

I was worried about going by myself. I was afraid I’d feel alone in the group but you made sure that the group came together quickly and I was not alone at all. Another thing I appreciated a great deal was your guidance with what we ate during our meals. It made a huge difference.
NK, Florida, USA (February 2013)

I don’t know where to begin. My family and I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You calmness and your negotiating skills were impressive. You made India magical. Clearly, you were at home.
AM, Maine, USA (February 2013)

There are so many myths about India and it was such an eye-opening experience to be here and realize that much of what I had heard were just myths. I am not spiritual person but I seem to have had some sort of a spiritual experience in India!
LM, Maine USA (February 2013)

Taking local transportation sometimes was a great idea. I got to experience daily life in an intimate matter. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would be on train coach without doors with 200 other people all packed liked sardines!
WN, United States (February 2013)

"We can not thank you enough for sheparding us through this adventure. It was so stimulating, so thought provoking, so fascinating, so fun! I especially liked getting a much deeper insight into you and your legacy and roots. It is so cool to do that. You are an amazing host with such positive social purpose. It is impressive and rare that you are teaching both of us much."
TD, England (February 2012)

"We are all really grateful for all you did to make the trip so wonderful - you are a real treasure. We have looked at our pictures twice already and can't stop talking and thinking about all we did and saw!"
DW, United States (February 2012)

"Thank you so much for all the good moments, for all the different kinds of experiences and for sharing India the last 2 weeks. Thank you for every moment of the last two weeks!"
KB, Denmark (February 2012)

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and for paying such attention to detail. Our experience of India would not have been the same without you. It is so hard to describe to our family back home just how special this trip has been."
JW, United States (February 2012)

"You hear a lot about India but then it was so much more to experience in person. I was feeling awake and calm at the same time! And then, the food, I simply could not get enough....."
RG, United States (February 2012)

"All in all, a great trip. It's not a trip for the feint of heart, but being plopped down in the middle of a place so utterly different was total revitalization itself. Amazing, truly amazing...Huge thanks for so much fun and learning.....!!!"
SP, England (February 2012)

"After each meal and each day that I experienced in India, I believed it couldn't get any better but it did! India was such a gift!"
SG, United States (February 2012)

"Our experience in India would have never been so comfortable and so thoughtful if it weren't for your personal attention to every single detail...."
MF, France (February 2010)

"I will NEVER forget this trip, or how much you did to make it the excellent adventure it was. I will truly be grateful to you forever."
SS, USA (February 2010)

"I must say it truly was a pleasure to travel with you! You are really brought wonderful spirit to the group!"
ZT, Turkey (February 2010)

"It is hard to believe it has been 2 yreas since we traveled with you to India. It was a great trip with many memories. We do want to go back with you again."
BW, USA (February 2010)

"What an experience! I cannot stop thinking about it. It was so great spending time as a group... where are we planning our next trip together anyway??"
BS, United States (February 2010)